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#Restart with Puglia Auto Classica

Dear friend,
if you read this letter, you are in Puglia. Welcome to this magical place.
More than a place, Puglia is a state of mind. It is a way of life, full of love and passion. I hope you can feel this in every moment of your holiday, in every place you visit and in everybody you meet.
Staying here is like tasting a good wine, or like a good meal, you eat slowly to enjoy all its shades to the fullest.
I understood this when on a lazy day I decided to rent a vintage car and go on a joyride. From the first moment I drove away, it seemed like “time” changed.
It became ‘liquid’ and I wondered whether it was this same time that had kept me busy at the office. Now it was my time. When I drive my car at 60kmph, the sky i s the only roof over my head, the sun kisses my face and I breathe air full of flavor. I am elevated by a cocktail of olive trees, the fruity negroamaro grapes and the gasoline of my Alfa.
The sounds of the countryside and the low beat of the engine are like a wave that propels me forward, away from my to do list. I escape. I live this moment and I only stop to have a refreshing drink. Together with my new PAC friends we decided to move to a small white stone village of where you can find a typical South Italian café. We climb the small roads and arrive in the “piazza”. We sit down and watch people. The Sunlight is so bright. The waiter come with a glass of coffee on the rocks. “WOW”, what a new experience !
A touch of almond milk gives me energy to get back on the road after conversations about life, food, “CALCIO” and nightlife.
The golden light of the sunset takes me back home. So dear friend, I hope you will live this same experience, to find yourself and to find happiness in the small things. Just like you found this lost paradise.
A fellow traveler