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60 Years of Glory Alfa Romeo Spider “Duetto”

Ever since it was born in 1966, the Alfa Romeo “Duetto” was a star, always at the centre of attention.
Not only did she appear close to Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate”, it also starred in the daily lives of a lot of people that chose this car as a symbol of freedom.
From the pencil of Pinifarina, the first version of the “Duetto” had the characteristic wishbone shape.
Pinifarina designed this Alfa Romeo with the same eye for beauty as Valentino, who dressed the most beautiful women with his iconic red dresses. Both men are great examples of Italian creativity and design.
Driving the “Duetto” – this is the nickname that fans lovingly gave her after a popular snack- is not just a way of transport. More than that, it is an expression of style and a celebration of design. Its dashboard is a masterpiece, with the typical binocular shapes of the instruments and the most
impressive handmade steering wheels from the Hellebore collection. When touching the wood of the wheel you can feel the vibes of the car. The attractive colour palette of this series, from Valentino’s red to the pearly white, is characteristic and unique for this model.
Driving this car and feeing the glamour of the Alfa Romeo Duetto: What else do you need?