Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

Designed by Giovanni Battista Pininfarina himself, only 8,850 Giulia Spider models were built from 1962 to 1965. However, this wonderful model was made for the American importers of Alfa Romeo. It was Hoffmann of New York who asked the top of the Biscione to produce a spider version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and immediately committed to buying 2,500 exemplar to be offered on the North American market. After a comparison between the ideas presented by Bertone and Pininfarina, the choice fell on the more “traditional” proposal of the second stylist.

Giulia Spider is the natural heir of the Giulietta Spider from which it differs in terms of engine, 1600 instead of 1300 and the air intake on the hood. Other small differences are in the steering wheel and in the appearance of the dashboard. It represents the pinnacle of Alfa Romeo sports spider production, an authentic dream for entire generations. The Giulia spider participated in dozens of films in the 1960s, identifying herself with the idea of freedom and success.

Practical advice

Iconic wedding car, front engine, rear wheel-drive, two luxury seats, quiet and fast, characterized by its iconic lines every angle of its creative features. Accessibility is good and even driving conforteble and fast, luxury black and red interior. Steering is not servo-assisted and requires a bit ‘of practice for successful maneuvering, especially when the vehicle is standing. The clutch pedal is operated with minimal pressure, the gear box is simple to use and requires just a little practice to understand its functional features.

Luggage advice

This car has a good load capacity within the rear trunk area. Above the spare wheel and safety/emergency equipment, there is enough space for two cabin trolley bags or even a hold luggage.

Year of production: 1963



Transmission: 4 gears + reverse gear

2 seats