Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 1600 - 1990 “Ultima”

Alfa Romeo Spider “Duetto - Ultima”

PAC is proud to present the ”Alfa Romeo Spider” a masterpiece by Pininfarina draw . It is a two-seater, front engine, rear drive roadster manufactured and marketed by Alfa Romeo from 1966 to 1994 in four distinct series, each with modifications ranging from modest to extensive.

As successor to the Giulia Spider, the Spider remained in production for almost three decades. The first three series were assembled by Pininfarina in Grugliasco and the fourth series in San Giorgio Canavese. The last Spider was manufactured in April 1993.

The final Spider series launched in 1990 with electronic fuel injection, full-width body-colored plastic bumper fascias, an electric cooling fan, full-width rear taillights, on-board diagnostics an optional automatic transmission — and eliminating the front underbumper and rear trunk-lid spoilers of previous series.

North American Series 4 models featured power steering, larger knee bolsters and a driver-side airbag also appeared as standard for North American market Spiders, which were available in two configurations: Spider and Spider Veloce. The Veloce substituted leather seats for the base model’s vinyl; 15″ alloy wheels were one size up from the standard steel wheels with hubcaps; and air conditioning and a cloth top were standard.

Production of the original Spider ended in 1993. An all-new Alfa Spider was presented one year later.

Practical advice

Alfa Romeo Spider is a fascinating sporty and powerful roadster, this car will take you back in time to discover the true delights of 70’s driving.

The steering is not servo-assisted and requires a bit ‘of strength for maneuvering, especially when the vehicle is standing. Clutch is operated with little foot strength, gear change is simple to use and requires just a little practice to understand its use.

Luggage advice

This car has a good load capacity within the rear trunk area. Above the spare wheel and safety/emergency equipment, there is enough space for two cabin trolley bags or even a hold luggage.

Year of production: 1990

Engine: 1.600cc

Power: 108cv

Transmission: 5 gears + reverse gear

2 seats